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“I like the challenge...I like to have to work hard to get something.”


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  • Currently manages the Hoonigan Industries shop in Long Beach, which boasts a roster ranging from world champion drifters to Baja 1000 winners.
  • Growing up his father fixed cars, so they always had a project going on in their garage.
  • He started out in the auto body field doing mainly custom work.
  • Briefly left the auto industry and did work in heating and air conditioning.
  • His boss let him rent out half of the warehouse where he worked and fix cars there in his spare time.
  • During this time, he had the freedom and flexibility to pursue projects that he wanted to do because he didn’t have a boss—opened up the doors for him to enter the off-road and racing scene.
  • Says that fixing cars has always been a hobby for him, but he never thought it would become his career—it took a long time for him to realize that he could make a living doing what he loved.
  • His favorite part of his job is the challenge; says you have to keep challenging yourself if you want to get anywhere.

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