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Security Consultant
Solutionary, Inc.

“Don’t let someone tell you what you need—figure out your questions and go get your own answers.”


Design Technology


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Helping People


  • Grew up with his Solutionary co-worker Tim Roberts; they both loved to break things and then try to re-engineer them.
  • When he was in college, he played music in bands; wanted to become a rock star.
  • Decided to major in graphic design so that he could make t-shirts and websites for his bands.
  • As he learned how to build websites, he simultaneously learned how to break those websites.
  • He quickly realized that most websites didn’t have security measures in place to keep him from hacking into them.
  • After finishing school, he worked as a graphic designer and project manager; he naturally started building those security measures into the sites that he was building.
  • He reconnected with his childhood friend Tim, who told him about an opening at Solutionary, an information security company.
  • Says that the thing that excited him about security research is that the field is constantly changing and evolving, which keeps him from ever getting bored with it.

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