Brent's Open Road


Co-Founder & CEO
Two Bit Circus

“Reject the cultural narrative that there's one road to take. It's different for everybody and changing faster now than ever before.”


Engineering Technology


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Building Things


  • Went to school for electrical engineering for a while; was in college during the first big "web craze."
  • Was itching to enter the workforce, so he dropped out of school to move to San Francisco, the epicenter of tech.
  • Says he wanted to try a bunch of different stuff: worked as everything from a furniture salesman to a sushi chef.
  • Believes the world presents you with endless opportunities and you can't let yourself get bogged down by what you "should" be doing.
  • Met his co-founder Eric Gradman; the two started making interactive art, gained more and more traction; turned it into a company.
  • The goal of their company was to "rebrand what it means to be an engineer," get more kids into the fun side of science.
  • Encourages combining your interests; says there's a lot of creativity and opportunity to be found "at the intersection of domains."
  • Loves the quote, "No battle plan survives engagement with the enemy"; you should have a plan, but don't stick to it rigidly.

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