Bob's Open Road

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    Australia Roadtrip


Musician / Writer / Documentarian

“It's ordinary people that can make the difference; honestly, people's power is the only way to change a system that is not a good system.”


Music Writing


Culture Struggle Beliefs & Faith Courage Family


Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Part of Australia's "Stolen Generation"; taken from his Aboriginal home, placed in a Christian institution.
  • Aboriginal children are taken to bush camps and are taught the stories, songs, dances and art forms of their ancestors.
  • Randall was taken from his home, family before he got to experience this camp; his heritage was "taken away."
  • Was taken to a Methodist island with hundreds of other Aboriginal children, had to live in a dorm and he hated it.
  • Spent years trying to go back to his home, find his parents; finally found out that they'd both passed away.
  • After that heartache, he wrote out a 50-verse song of pain, then burnt it; set his pain alight, "gave it to the wind."
  • Returned to his Uluru community to learn about his ancestry, try to improve conditions through his music, films.
  • Says the key to staying positive is letting go of your pain, but also being willing and open to talking about it-this can foster change.

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