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    Team Poor, Lazy Overachievers


Forensic Anthropologist

“Success is not just the amount of money you make; it's more intellectual. I mean, I am happy, happy, and I'm making enough to eat, but not a lot.”


Medicine Science


Experience Passion Success Values Instincts Transitions Pride Education Family Culture Self-Reflection Chance Money & Financial Security


Problem Solving


  • Grew up as an only child in an educated family; both parents had college degrees, unusual for 1920s.
  • Had been studying osteology when a professor invited him to come help him ID a body.
  • Arrived on the scene of a great mystery-two trucks had crashed, but there was a third body, in addition to two drivers.
  • When his professor was able to positively identify the third person, "like in the cartoons," a light went on.
  • Switched his major immediately, knew he wanted to go into forensic anthropology.
  • Never had a midlife crisis because he knows he made the right choice.
  • In general, he hates death and funerals, but in his profession, a dead body is a challenge, brings him a strange joy.
  • Knows what he does "matters," brings closure to families, brings criminals to justice.

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