Bhargavi Kola, M.D.

Bhargavi Kola, M.D.

Pediatric Department Vice-Chair

Medical Center Hospital

Odessa, TX USA

Failures are the stepping stones to successes...It’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to quit. Quitters are never winners.


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Bhargavi Kola, M.D.


My road in life took a while to figure out.
Born and raised in India.
Growing up, she always wanted to be a physician—says she was inspired to make a difference and “touch someone’s heart and life.”
Attended medical school at Gandhi Medical College, one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in Southern India.
Made the decision to come to the United States to pursue an interest in hospital administration—admits her family was skeptical and afraid of her leaving home all by herself.
Received her master’s degree in hospital administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey in 2008.
While externing, she found herself drawn to pediatrics, so she decided to complete her pediatric medicine residency.
She now practices pediatrics and runs a federally funded program to help parents and kids learn how to prevent asthma attacks.
Inspired by a desire to teach medical students, she moved to Texas where she now holds a position as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Texas Tech University.


Pediatric Department Vice-Chair

I am a pediatrician caring for patients from 0-18 years old and I teach medical students.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Helping People

Day to Day

On an average day, I care for a good mix of happy and not so happy children. I treat patients ages from 0-18 so the things I encounter and the challenges I face change on a day to day basis. Because pediatric patients tend to be more fragile than adult patients, my charting and prescriptions have to be much more specific, so I spend a lot of time doing that. When I am treating a patient, I focus on their whole being rather than just their symptoms.

Advice for Getting Started

Here's the first step for college students

Dream big! Build a support structure. Without people around you supporting you, it's going to be very challenging. Focus on getting really good grades. Medical school is competitive and having good grades is essential to getting in.


The Noise I Shed

From Parents:

"Why would you go to America all alone?"

Challenges I Overcame

First-Generation Immigrant
Relocation / Moving

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Room to Grow

Room to Grow

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