Bev's Open Road


    Team San Jose


Track and Field Coach
UT Austin

“One thing that I think distinguishes myself from everyone else around me is I wanted to be somebody. I didn't want to be nobody.”


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Perseverance Struggle Negativity Passion Societal Pressures Experience Determination Confidence Individualism Character Conflict Desire Education Focus Goals Hard Work Opportunity Risk Self-Reflection


Teaching / Mentoring


  • Lost her mom at a very young age, had to go into "survival mode," worked while she was going to high school.
  • Was homeless by the time she graduated; luckily got a full track and field scholarship for junior college, then college.
  • Graduated with a degree in social work but didn't know what to do, was working three jobs, still not making enough money.
  • Decided she needed to go back to graduate school; cold-called schools, Indiana State offered her a scholarship/coaching job.
  • Says our generation worries too much about consequences, that fear keeps us from rewards.
  • By the time she was 28, she was the youngest head coach in the University of Florida's history.
  • While coaching track at the University of Texas, she got in a serious car accident; was told she'd never walk again.
  • Refused to accept that diagnosis; went through several major surgeries, worked hard on her rehab; can walk again, working on running.

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