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Bert Jacobs



My road in life has been direct.
He and his brother, John, designed shirts and clothing for artists; sold them almost exclusively at art festivals.
For five years, he and John drove around the country, lived out of a van, and tried to sell their t-shirts.
When they'd get back from these road trips, they'd throw keggers and use their friends as a "focus group."
After one party, the motto "life is good" stood out; the brothers liked that it was universally positive, and not just geared towards artists.
Once their company found financial success, they started on their mission to give back to their hometown of Boston.
They throw annual outdoor festivals, which raise money for traumatized children and children with life-threatening illnesses.
He views Dr. Seuss as a major influence-his art inspired children to love reading-as proof that you never know how your art will affect people.
Says it's essential to never take yourself too seriously; enjoying your time with friends and family is its own form of success.
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I started a t-shirt company to spread the power of optimism and inspire people.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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