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Detroit Community Schools

“You have to live out your dreams, whatever they might be, as frail as they are. Take it on, do it, live it, and something will happen.”


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  • Went to Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania; decided to hitchhike his way across the country after graduation.
  • The trip helped him realize he wanted to get involved in education, so he studied to become a teacher in the Waldorf system of schools.
  • He liked the Waldorf style of teaching, but he didn't think that he personally wanted to become a teacher and dropped out.
  • Found out about a program in England called the Center for Social Development and went abroad to check it out.
  • He was 39 years old with no career and no clear picture of what he wanted to be doing when suddenly it all came to him in a flash.
  • He knew he wanted to move back to Detroit and start a school that employed something like the Center's project-based curriculum.
  • Went back to school, got his master's degree in education, and finally became a Waldorf teacher.
  • A Detroit resident heard about his idea for a new kind of school and helped him make Detroit Community Schools a reality.

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