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Rolling Stone Magazine

“I look back and I realize that having this opportunity at Rolling Stone was a gift from the Gods. I found I could talk with my camera better than I could talk with my mouth.”


Art Journalism


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Communicating / Sharing Stories


  • Considers his career somewhat of a "gift from the gods."
  • Was the first principal photographer at Rolling Stone.
  • Photography was always a hobby-he liked "being where the action was," but wasn't very social; "spoke" with his camera instead.
  • Had no idea what he wanted to do after college; ended up going to "spy school," was sent to Berlin to collect intelligence.
  • Brought his camera, took pictures as the Berlin Wall was going up, sent them to a newspaper back home.
  • After he was paid for his photos of Berlin, he realized that if he worked at it, his hobby could become his career.
  • His father told him he'd support his photography only if he gave it "100%, did it all the way."
  • Says, "if you are optimistic and assume you're going to be successful, it's a self-fulfilling prophesy."

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