Baron Wolman

Baron Wolman


Rolling Stone Magazine

Santa Fe, NM USA

I look back and I realize that having this opportunity at Rolling Stone was a gift from the Gods. I found I could talk with my camera better than I could talk with my mouth.


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Baron Wolman


My road in life has been direct.
Considers his career somewhat of a "gift from the gods."
Was the first principal photographer at Rolling Stone.
Photography was always a hobby-he liked "being where the action was," but wasn't very social; "spoke" with his camera instead.
Had no idea what he wanted to do after college; ended up going to "spy school," was sent to Berlin to collect intelligence.
Brought his camera, took pictures as the Berlin Wall was going up, sent them to a newspaper back home.
After he was paid for his photos of Berlin, he realized that if he worked at it, his hobby could become his career.
His father told him he'd support his photography only if he gave it "100%, did it all the way."
Says, "if you are optimistic and assume you're going to be successful, it's a self-fulfilling prophesy."
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High School
Northwestern University



I was the first photographer at Rolling Stone magazine.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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