Auguste Goldman

Auguste Goldman

Chief People Officer


Scottsdale, AZ USA

Always have people around you that compliment your weaknesses, not your strengths.


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Auguste Goldman


My road in life has taken me all over.
Worked at McDonald’s when he was in high school—credits this experience as shaping his focus and determination to get ahead later in life.
Moved to Europe right out of college and ended up living there for 15 years.
When he moved back to the United States, he took an engineering job at Wells Fargo, but quickly realized that even though he loved engineering, he didn’t love working for a financial institution.
He took a position at GoDaddy in information technology where he was in charge of running their data centers and networks; he later became the CIO and led all of their engineering teams.
The way he led his team and the culture he had built for them caught the attention of Blake Irving, the CEO of GoDaddy, who asked him to lead HR and develop that culture for the whole company.
Making the transition from CIO to CPO was challenging, but he found there were commonalities between both fields: “In engineering, things break and, in people operations, people break.”
Believes in finding the “tack” path; just as a sailboat can’t sail straight into the wind, you have to be willing to explore, take chances, and find unique opportunities.
Says there are three things that impact your career: what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about, and what the world needs—finding where those overlap is where you will find your purpose.
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Chief People Officer

I manage human resources and helped to build a company culture that is one of the best in tech.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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Day to Day

I use the perspectives and skills gained from leading engineering and development teams to recruiting and rewarding the best technologists in the world. I work with my team to develop a company culture that enables people to build the best products they can. I am often problem solving and working with others to meet their needs.

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"I'm an engineer. I can't manage HR."

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