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Seventeen Magazine

“There's always a voice inside your head, and a lot of people second guess it. It can tell me very crazy things, and I will walk willingly into its arms.”


Fashion Journalism


Instincts Transitions Confidence Opportunity Doubt Goals Hard Work Planning Pressure Experience Fulfillment Individualism Negativity Success Determination


Helping People


  • Always knew exactly what she wanted to do, always interested in magazines.
  • Says although you might think you have no idea what you want to do with your life, "you sort of know."
  • Never felt like the smartest girl in school; sat in classrooms and thought about other things, worked on forming her own opinions.
  • Interned at a fashion magazine and a health magazine-knew she loved fashion but wanted to cast a wide net.
  • Even at her interview with the president of Hearst Magazines, she wore unique clothing, "didn't even think to not be [herself]."
  • Says sometimes instead of hitting on the perfect career, you take your interests step by step, project by project-that becomes your life's work.
  • How do you keep your passion from consuming you? "You don't...I work constantly."
  • Says, "don't think people who are successful 'have it all together.' Really, I'm just some girl."

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