Ashley's Open Road


Environmental Engineer

“You'd be really surprised at how well you can perform when you push yourself-because you don't know that you're not good at it…you don't necessarily have to be the straight-A student, you don't have to be perfect all the time…be human, be yourself and a lot of the time that's more than sufficient.”


Engineering Numbers


Focus Fulfillment Values Simplicity Education Experience Opportunity Family Planning Doubt Perseverance Societal Pressures Money & Financial Security Pride Support & Encouragement Exploration Hard Work Self-Reflection


Accomplishing Goals


  • When she was in middle school, her dad made her draw up a résumé, make a plan for her future.
  • Thought she had a set path, but hit a few bumps: left University of Washington for financial reasons, didn't like her chemical engineering major.
  • Got an internship at Chevron that reignited her interest, pushed her through her education.
  • Says she had difficulty learning theory in college, but once she got a job, put theories into practice, it all fell into place.
  • Recommends college students take physical science/math classes, says the analytical thinking aids you in any career.
  • Stresses importance of finding a job you enjoy, where you can have fun with your work colleagues.
  • Her family didn't fully understand her major or her job, but saw it made her happy and stayed supportive.
  • Says she's encountered sexism-people tell her engineering "is for guys"-but she refuses to let those comments "get her down."

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