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Costume Designer/Stylist

“There is no dividing line between my work and my lifestyle; my work is my lifestyle.”


Design Fashion


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Being Creative


  • Moved from her small hometown of Santa Cruz to New York City, pursuing dream of becoming a stylist.
  • Briefly met photographer Arthur Elgort through a friend of a friend; he told her to get a job at Condé Nast.
  • Called Condé Nast and faked it: put herself forward as Elgort's close friend, got an interview at Vogue.
  • Kept up an attitude of, "What do I have to lose?" Figured the worst that would happen was she'd move back home.
  • Found a niche within the fashion industry she liked: styling rock musicians.
  • Got her big break styling her friend Lenny Kravitz; styled him unconventionally, but fans started responding, emulating his accessories.
  • From there, accumulated more rock star clients; decided to make the jump into movie costume styling.
  • Was nominated for an Academy Award for her costume design work on the film "Walk the Line."

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