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Information Assurance Specialist

“You have to show people who you are and what you want—keep standing up for yourself.”


Education Technology


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Helping People


  • When she was young, she was always the student that helped her teachers set up their audio/visual technology.
  • Her brother was always tinkering with his computer and taking it apart, and he’d give her the spare parts.
  • One day, her brother sent a pop-up message from his computer to her computer; she was fascinated with this new mode of communication.
  • She always knew that she wanted to be in the field of computer science because she wanted to teach the world more about the technology we use daily.
  • She got into the security side of technology for similar reasons—she wanted to help people understand how important security is, and to help them implement new security measures.
  • In college, she got an internship with her school’s information technology department.
  • She initially entered college as a computer engineer, but she found out very quickly that she didn’t like it and switched over to information assurance.
  • Says that despite her brother being her initial role model, breaking into the male-dominated world of computer science since then has been hard.

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