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“When you don't know what you want to do, it's because you sometimes don't know yourself. Spend some time tuning out all the 'you should's' and the 'but's,' and just listen to yourself.”


Music Technology


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Was studying law but realized that she wanted to do something with her love of music.
  • Thought that if she couldn't get paid to play music, the next best thing would be recording others' music.
  • Audited a sound engineering course, was almost immediately offered a space in a master's degree program.
  • Spent time as a recording engineer after school, was hired to do audio for Microsoft, which got her into the Web.
  • She created an interactive music website, which would lead to developing museum experiences down the road.
  • Creating museum exhibits and experiences lets her combine a variety of her different interests, work with people from all disciplines.
  • Says her musical background helps her lead collaborative projects-you can't overestimate the power of listening to your peers.
  • Says even at her age, she's not always in touch with what she wants, so she takes time to meditate every day and tune into her needs.

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