Amie Tornincasa

Amie Tornincasa

Senior Technical Program Manager


Los Gatos, CA USA

A lot of the things I consider ‘accomplishments’ aren’t my credentials or my degrees; they’re those little moments when I felt really insecure and I made it through.


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Amie Tornincasa


My road in life took a while to figure out.
Says that when she tells people she works in computer science, they assume she’s a coder working late at night and living off of Mountain Dew.
On the contrary, she works in a very social role at Netflix, managing teams of coders and acting as a liaison between them and the business managers.
When she first got out of college and was working as a coder, she felt like her bosses and her teams didn’t know where to put her.
Because she’s a stubborn person, she refused to be classified as the “dumb girl,” and always worked hard to prove herself.
Says that her stubbornness sometimes meant she’d spend three times longer on a project or studying for a test, but she was always willing to put in that extra time.
Wishes that there were more women in her field so that she didn’t feel the need to prove herself every time she starts a new job or new project.
Says she gets competitive about mental exercises; if she sees someone doing something she wants to be able to do, she makes herself learn how to do it.
She’s passionate about tech because she believes its capabilities are growing exponentially right now—we’re living in a time where it can make big changes in people’s lives.
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Senior Technical Program Manager

I help deliver technical solutions for business needs.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
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Day to Day

I manage the programs and initiatives that we're building, whatever it may be. I'm responsible for developing and deploying emerging technologies (custom, third-party and hybrid software and hardware solutions) for productions in order to achieve the creation of Netflix’s “Studio in the Cloud" and truly modernizing production operations.

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Find mentors and people like you with similar goals who can help guide you and support you. Show our worth and continue to prove yourself as you go forward.

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From Society in General:

"You work in tech? You must code a lot and work really late nights."

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