Amanda's Open Road

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    Australia Roadtrip


Transgender Health Advocate/Health Promotions Officer
Queensland Association for Healthy Communities

“Celebrate the fact that you find happiness in your life more important than financial success or your parents' dreams.”


Medicine Non-Profit Organizations


Acceptance Choices Courage Family Fear Honesty Individualism Support & Encouragement Struggle


Helping People


  • Knew she liked to dress up in girls' clothes, but didn't have transgender peers, so wasn't sure how to express herself.
  • Spent most of her childhood feeling like there was something "wrong" with her.
  • Found a "safe place" at her university, where people were more open about expressing their sexualities and identities.
  • Once she felt comfortable, she left one semester as "Adam," came back as Amanda.
  • Was terrified that she would lose her family, friends once she came out, but found a surprising amount of support.
  • Has dealt with depression, has seen trans friends commit suicide; says it's an everyday struggle.
  • Chose the name Amanda as an homage to the name that her parents had given her.
  • Says you should always value your own happiness over financial success, or the need to appease others.

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