Alice's Open Road


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Executive Director
Alemany Farm

“It wasn't for me to get my life together to move on. It was to get my life together to come back to my community to help. To teach them something and put them on the right track.”


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Helping People


  • Had always been good working with her hands, working with wood; built and sold bed frames and bars.
  • A high school teacher told her she had a valuable talent for carpentry; her life still got off track.
  • By age 20, she was selling drugs to make money.
  • Realized the dirty money wasn't worth it because it only lead to two places: jail or death.
  • Went back to school, got her carpentry license, planned on getting as far away from her hometown as possible.
  • A little voice inside her head wouldn't let her leave; felt her calling was to help her community.
  • Saw more and more children dying from gang violence, realized that the solution was counseling, mentoring.
  • Started Alemany Farm in 1991; provided a safe space for kids to learn, work, stay off the streets.

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