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Technical Product Manager

“I’m still trying to fight to make sure I’m able to showcase all of what I can do.”


Design Technology


Education Exploration Focus Community Support & Encouragement Family Opportunity Passion Societal Pressures Doubt Perseverance Struggle


Learning / Being Challenged


  • Was a first-generation college student who was interested in math and science, but also loved art.
  • As she went off to college, her goal was to try to find a way to combine all of these interests.
  • Went to Stanford University, which has a flexible major program that let her try a few different things before she had to decide.
  • She’d never coded before college, but as she explored computer science classes, she realized it was the perfect medium for her to combine those interests.
  • Decided to concentrate on human-computer interaction, which let her bring her interests in art and design into the mix.
  • Her parents didn’t really know how to help her through college, but they always believed that she would successful and were supportive of her choices.
  • One resource she relied on instead was the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE); she found mentors and friends who were going through similar experiences.
  • Says that the problem-solving skills that you learn as a computer science major are invaluable, no matter what career path you ultimately choose to go down.

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