Adam's Open Road


    Cybersecurity Roadtrip


Director of Malware Intelligence

“You might spend a lot of time climbing a hill or trying to make a difference, but when you get someone who comes up and says, ‘You guys really saved me,’ that makes it all worth it.”


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  • His interest in computers started when he was a kid; when he was three years old, he helped his dad build an 8-bit home computer called the Commodore 64.
  • His dad worked in technology and Adam saw him struggling from time to time, so although he enjoyed working on computers, he decided that life wasn’t for him.
  • Instead, he joined the Navy, where he took a position in signal analysis...which he ultimately didn’t enjoy very much.
  • So after finishing his service, he decided to start down a new path, and became the first person in his family to go to college.
  • He originally declared as an art major, but on his first assignment, he received a “D” because he was more focused on the technical aspects of art rather than the emotional components.
  • He took that grade as the final sign that he was meant to work in programming, and switched his major to software development.
  • Malware analysis was a class he’d taken and enjoyed while he was in the Navy, so in college, he started to gravitate back towards that field.
  • He’s now been working for Malwarebytes for over five years; the company blocks malware, which is software designed to extort money from people through an array of hacking tactics.

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