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Maria-Theresa Servillon Sigua


My road in life has taken me all over.
I had my first son when I was 16 years old—I would take him with me to school during my junior and senior years when I struggled to find childcare.
My family is Catholic and urged my child’s father and I to get married before the baby was born—however, at 18 years old, we realized we really didn’t want to be married, so we got a divorce.
I went to community college to start on the path to become an attorney and studied sporadically at various colleges from age 18 to age 30 as I juggled school, work, and motherhood.
When I was 30, I moved from California's Bay Area to Austin, Texas, and got a job with the Texas Charter Schools Association as an executive assistant.
I was able to learn and grow at my job, and was eventually promoted up to director of administrative operations.
After receiving two letters of recommendation from vice presidents at the company, I was able to transfer to St. Edward's University in Austin—I was taking night classes and still working full time.
After graduating, I studied for the LSAT and was accepted into law school.
Now, I’ve graduated from law school, my kids are all grown, and I am currently trying to figure out who I am in this next phase of my life.
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My work combines:
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If you're taking on a large goal like graduate school, it's important to build a support system first and let them know that you'll be calling on them for help, support, advice, encouragement, etc. A strong support system is key for accomplishing goals like this.


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