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Changing Pathways

Duration: 0:26

Themes Discussed:


Linda Li

Plastic Surgeon
Dr. 90210

  • Changing Pathways (0:26)
    Linda Li
    Plastic Surgeon
    Dr. 90210
  • Secret Thoughts, Fears, Dreams (1:29)
    Wendy Williams
    Television/Radio Personality
  • Cranium of a Career (0:43)
    Whit Alexander
    Cranium Games
  • Life's Strange Turns (1:09)
    Juan Enriquez
    Futurist and Author, CEO
  • Finding Your Drive (2:20)
    Erin Teague
    Project Manager
  • Bored (1:31)
    Jakob Laggner
    Treks and Tracks
  • Rites of Passage (0:55)
    Roy Remer
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Zen Hospice Project
  • This Dude You See Before You (0:36)
    Ian Harvie
    Stand-Up Comic
  • Moving From Jamaica To New York (0:56)
    Staceyann Chin
    Poet & Activist
  • Just Be Movement (0:18)
    Mike Lazzo
    VP of Programming
    Cartoon Network
  • You Don't Always Start With What You're Good At (0:52)
    Jim Cantrell
    Vector Space Systems
  • Journalism vs. Social Work (1:36)
    Tom Arviso Jr.
    Navajo Times Publishing Co., Inc.

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