Salary Median (2020)


Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)

+6.1% (as fast as the average)


What Firefighters Do

Control and extinguish fires or respond to emergency situations where life, property, or the environment is at risk. Duties may include fire prevention, emergency medical service, hazardous material response, search and rescue, and disaster assistance.

Other Job Titles Firefighters May Have

Fire Engineer, Fire Equipment Operator, Fire Fighter, Fire Rescue Technician, Fire Technician, Firefighter, Forest Fire Suppression Specialist, Forestry Fire Technician, Hot Shot, Wildland Firefighter

How Leaders Describe a Typical Day at Work

Fire Chief ,

City of Carmel

We have 170 members in the organization. There are many “Chiefs” in the organization and we have a para-military structure. There are clear lines drawn defining the hierarchy as seen in the organizational chart. I report directly to the Mayor. I also communicate with the members of the City Council on matters of public safety, budget, personnel issues, long term planning of organization and matters of public opinion. My job is to remove barriers so members can reach their full potential at CFD.

Tasks & Responsibilities May Include

  • Rescue victims from burning buildings, accident sites, and water hazards.
  • Dress with equipment such as fire-resistant clothing and breathing apparatus.
  • Assess fires and situations and report conditions to superiors to receive instructions, using two-way radios.
  • Move toward the source of a fire, using knowledge of types of fires, construction design, building materials, and physical layout of properties.
  • Respond to fire alarms and other calls for assistance, such as automobile and industrial accidents.

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