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Ana Rosa Najera

Ana Rosa Najera

Certified Facilitator

Lumos Transforms

Long Beach, CA

No hay mala decisión. Sigue lo que te dice tu intuición. [There is no bad decision. Follow what your intuition tells you.]


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Ana Rosa Najera

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How I Started Working For Lumos Transforms
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Why I Decided To Go Into Social Work
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Important Skills That Have Helped Throughout My Journey
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Self-Care And Living A Life Free Of Stress
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Helping Others Reduce Stress
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Helping Children When Their Families See Mental Health Support In A Negative Light


My road in life has been direct.
I knew that I wanted to do clinical work and went to college thinking I’d become a psychologist because I didn’t know that there were other roles that did similar work.
While taking a class that focused on exploring different graduate school options, I realized that I actually wanted to become a social worker.
After earning my degree in social science, I went to graduate school for my master’s degree in social work.
I went on to work in various social work settings, largely focusing on helping families with young children.
While working in a child welfare job helping to reunite families, I learned about Lumos Transforms and The Resilience Toolkit (specific mindfulness tools and stress management exercises).
I was intrigued by the work and decided I wanted to become certified.
I’m now a certified facilitator with Lumos Transforms, where I help people better understand themselves and manage stress in order to build resilience and confront oppression.
In addition to my work with Lumos Transforms, I also work in the Green Dot Public Schools District and have my own clinic called Self Integration Guidance.
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High School
Social Science & Spanish
University of California, Irvine
Social Work
Boston University


Certified Facilitator

I help people better understand themselves and manage stress so that they can confront the systems that oppress them.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
Helping People

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