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How do you make plans or set goals when the world’s changing so quickly?

For high school students, this is a huge moment of change—and if you're feeling uncertain about the future, you're not alone! But with new challenges come new possibilities for the future. And through it all, finding 
a support network and staying true to your goals 
will be key.


of young people talk to someone else about their life goals


feel very clear on their goals and ideas for the future


changed/are likely to change education plans due to COVID


think that going to college would be worth it

Source: Equitable Futures, COVID-19 Youth Survey, October 2020

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See stories from people like you

Watch videos of students sharing what they’re going through, and what’s motivating them.

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Find resources to support your goals and plans

Explore resources from organizations who want to help you realize your goals.

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Share your story and make your voice heard

Tell us about your future plans and dreams, and read responses from other students.

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How are you feeling about the future?

Lots of people are talking about what high school students need right now—but we want to hear directly from you. Read responses from other high school students, then join the conversation, and make your voice heard.

We want to hear from you, too. Tell us about your future plans and dreams—and what could help you get there.

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Resources for High School Students

Sharing stories is just the beginning—it's time to dream big for your future. These resources show you paths forward, and offer support along the way.

Resources for Organizations and Educators

If you're in a student-supporting role, you can use these resources to reinforce their dreams and connect them with paths to get there.

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