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Hear stories and advice from students who get what you're going through—and start navigating high school with new confidence.

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No matter what's on your mind right now, there's someone else out there who's going through it, too! Check out these relatable stories—and advice—from students like you.

Student Spotlights

Hear how these nine students took on the unique challenges and opportunities of the past few years—and used their experiences to shape where they're going next.

We’re talking about what really matters

What’s affecting you and your path right now? Explore these playlists to hear stories and advice from your peers, as they talk candidly about the things they’re tackling, and how they’re getting through.

Resources for High School Students

What's next on your path? Whether it's planning for your education (and how to pay for it!), exploring careers, or prioritizing your mental health, these resources can help you take your next step.

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These stories are made possible through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with the goal of elevating the voices of young people and shining a light on their needs and experiences.

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