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Ready to reach your goals? Explore everything that's possible for your future—and the paths you can take to get there!

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What's next on your horizon? The possibilities are endless.

You've probably heard this before: "You can be anything you want to be!" But how do you figure out what you want to be? Or how to get there?? It all starts with exploration.

So let's explore! Start by watching video interviews with real people to discover what kinds of careers are out there. Then, learn about the paths you can take after high school to get you closer to your career goals. Finally, explore all of our resources, which will help you think deeply about who you are, and what you really want for your future.

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Here's how you can get started:

Explore what different careers really look like

Take a behind-the-scenes look at cool careers you may have never considered!

Explore Career Paths

Hear stories from people who've been in your shoes

Get inspired by stories from real people, and see the paths they took into their careers.

Discover Career Stories

Take the next step toward your future

Check out fun activities and helpful resources for both students and educators.

Go to Resources

Hear career stories from people who've been in your shoes

Get inspired by stories and advice from real people who were once trying to figure it all out...just like you! Plus, hear the unique paths they took into their careers.

What's possible beyond high school?

How do you actually reach your dreams? Where do you start? These videos will show you all kinds of paths that young people are taking to reach their goals.

Resources for Students

Fun activities and helpful resources to help middle school and high school students get ready for the future.

Resources for Educators

If you're in a student-supporting role, these resources will help you connect them with the skills and experiences they need to succeed.

Keep exploring who you are—and what you want out of your career

The Roadtrip Nation Experience: An online discovery course for ages 13+

A five-lesson course for students, helping you discover your interests, explore career possibilities, and connect with potential mentors. Educators & facilitators: To implement the Roadtrip Nation Experience with your learners, please reach out to

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Share Your Road

Share Your Road is a community where anyone can share the steps they've taken to build and grow their career—lending advice to the young people and career seekers on the path behind them.

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Watch Empowering Documentaries

These documentary adventures will take you on a road trip, and show you why moments of doubt and excitement are all normal as you plan your career and life.

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