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Welcome to Roadtrip Nation's Teachers Community Hub—a community of teachers sharing stories and conversations about reconnecting to your purpose and power in education.

Teachers in Conversation: Getting to the Heart of Why We Teach

This year, teaching has never been more challenging, and teachers have never been more important. In the face of the very real challenges, what keeps you going? Why do you teach?

We brought together a group of teachers who are seeking their own answers to this question. To renew their purpose, they’re talking to inspiring educators who have persisted in this field by staying connected to their students, their communities, and their calling.

Teachers interviewing each other.

The Interviewers

Meet seven teachers exploring their future in education—they’re early in their careers and seeking balance and reassurance as they support their students and find their place as educators.

Conversations with Fellow Educators

As an educator, what keeps you going? Explore the answers these seven teachers found when they sat down for conversations about equity, adaptability, and purpose with the seasoned educators who inspire them most.

Profiles in Teaching

Learn more about these inspiring educators and their career paths.

Classroom Resource: Roadtrip Nation’s Online Course

Introduce your students to career possibilities with the Roadtrip Nation Experience, an open-access online course designed for any learning environment. Students will complete five video-based lessons to discover their interests, explore related career paths and stories, and then interview someone who’s working in a career or industry that they’re curious about.

Explore the Course
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What Drives Educators

Perspectives from teachers on relevant topics in education.

EdWeek Special Report:
Retaining Great Teachers in a Time of Turmoil

After the changes of this past year, how are educators feeling about their future in the field? In this special report, Education Week explores the many reasons teachers decide to stay in or leave the profession.

The stories and articles highlight the results of a nationally representative survey, administered by the EdWeek Research Center, that asked teachers about their career paths, the challenges and merits of the teaching profession, and the factors that can lead to—or prevent—burnout and attrition.

View the Report
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Information & Tools for Educators

Helpful resources to support your growth as an educator.

Resources for Aspiring Educators

Thinking of becoming a teacher? These resources are for you.

A teacher fills out a Share Your Road profile on her laptop.

Share Your Story of How You Became a Teacher

Share why you became a teacher, and what you’ve learned along the way. Your insights and story could be the inspiration another teacher needs to keep going.


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