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Explore possibilities in public service—and learn how to build a career that creates real change.

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Public Service: Work with the Power to Change the World

Careers in public service have the power to make a real impact. But...what is public service, exactly?

From policymaking to nonprofit work, the world of public service is wide-ranging. But at its core, it's all about building a career around the causes you care about. On this page, you can learn more about careers in public service, see available opportunities—and get started on your path.

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Here's how you can get started:

Explore career paths in public service

Get a better understanding of what different careers in public service look like from day to day.

Explore Career Paths

Hear stories from people who’ve been in your shoes

See how people from all walks of life found meaningful work within the world of public service.

Hear Career Stories

Take the next step on your path

Find the training, education, and support you need to start pursuing a career in public service.

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Hear career stories from people who’ve been in your shoes

From getting past obstacles to pushing for change, these career stories from people working in public service will inspire you to find your own unique path.

Find your purpose in public service

Get inspired by these stories of hope, impact, and change—all made possible through public service.

Resources to help you take the next step

Learn more about different opportunities in public service, and find training, education, and support to start you down your path.

Watch "Serving Change"

In this new documentary series, three young adults travel the country to try to find their place in the public service sector. Follow their journey to see how people are finding personal and professional fulfillment—while doing their part to serve the greater good.

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