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Explore how careers in public and community health care are helping create a better future for California.

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Here's how you can start discovering the world of health care:

Explore career paths in health care

Experience a day in the life of people working in public and community health.

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Hear career stories from Californians like you

See how people across the Golden State found meaningful work within the world of health.

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Take the next step on your path

Connect with organizations and employers that can help you along your health care journey.

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Hear career stories from Californians like you

Full of candid advice and guidance, these career stories from Californians working in health care will help you feel empowered to find your own unique path.

What does it take to build a career around health care?

Watch healthcare professionals discuss the key decisions and rewarding experiences that led them to a career in health care. (Please note: Some videos are presented in Spanish with English subtitles.)

Take the next step on your path

Whether you’re already pursuing a career in public health, or you're just starting to explore the field, these organizations and employers can connect you with the resources you need.

Watch "Caring Forward"

Follow along with Alma, Samuel, and Ryan—three Californians on a road trip across their home state, hoping to discover their place in the evolving world of health care. Watch as they meet inspiring healthcare professionals—and widen the lens of what care can be.

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Share Your Road is a community where anyone can share the steps they've taken to build and grow their career—lending advice to the young people and career seekers on the path behind them.

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