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Build Your Future

Colorado holds opportunity for all—you just have to find the path that's right for you.

Start here to explore education and career possibilities in Colorado, and get the tools and guidance you need to build your own unique future.

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Hear career stories from people who've been in your shoes

From getting past obstacles to navigating new opportunities, these career stories from Colorado are full of advice to help you plan your own path forward.

What’s possible after high school—and beyond?

See the wide range of paths that people from Colorado have chosen to take after high school—from joining the workforce to pursuing degrees.

Take the next step on your career path

You’ve explored your interests, you’ve seen what’s possible—now it’s time to find your next opportunity in Colorado.

Local resources to help you take the next step

These resources can help you get the training, education, and support you need to tackle your future.

Map out your road with the Build Your Future Activity Guide

This guide will help you (or your classroom!) engage with the stories on this site—and start planning out career goals and dreams.

Watch "Peak Possible"

Follow the journeys of three young Coloradans—Lacey, Yailenne, and Zane—as they take a deep dive into your home state's vibrant career pathways. From baseball management to medicine and welding to wildlife preservation, you'll discover what's possible in the Centennial State through their eyes.

More ways to discover who you are—and what you want out of your career

The Roadtrip Nation Experience: An online self-discovery course

A five-lesson course for students and young adults, helping you discover your interests, explore career possibilities, and connect with potential mentors. Educators & facilitators: To implement the Roadtrip Nation Experience with your learners, please reach out to

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Share Your Road

Share Your Road is a community where anyone can share the steps they've taken to build and grow their career—lending advice to the young people and career seekers on the path behind them.

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Watch Empowering Documentaries

Our award-winning documentaries will take you on a transformative road trip—and show you why moments of doubt and uncertainty are all normal on the path to building a fulfilling career and life.

About Build Your Future

This project was created by Roadtrip Nation, a career exploration nonprofit that aims to help everyone define their own roads in life.

Through our award-winning public television show, our bestselling book, and our online tools and resources, we use storytelling to help people explore and choose the paths that work best for them.

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