Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re trying to log in, make sure you enter the same email and password you use for your College Board account. If you’re still having trouble, please contact College Board support at 866-880-6345.

Roadtrip Nation is a career exploration organization that helps people turn the things they like into work they love—and they partnered with the College Board to help you do the same! That’s the idea behind Career Finder: Start with your interests and strengths, get matched with compatible careers, majors, and leaders (thousands of professionals across industries who really love their jobs!), then build a plan for your future that’s true to who you are.

Yep! Although you can only have one result set at a time, you can retake the Interests and Work Style quizzes as many times as you want! Just hit the ”Edit” button below any of your results to retake that quiz.

You can only have one plan at any given time. However, you can always use the left-hand sidebar to go back through your plan and edit any part of it. If you want to start over completely with a blank slate, the easiest way to clear out your plan is by removing all of your planned careers.

If you have the premium version of Career Finder and you agree to share your College Board assessment information with Career Finder, your most recent, covered PSAT/SAT scores will automatically be synced with your profile.

The College Board, in partnership with the Human Resource Research Organization (HumRRO), created a linkage between the PSAT and SAT Math, Reading, and Writing and Language test score metrics and occupational knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) requirements identified in the Department of Labor O*NET database. The purpose behind establishing this linkage was to place test scores and O*NET KSA level ratings on a common metric. Your academic readiness based on your scores, combined with other components such as interests and work style, can help you explore career paths that may be a fit!

In May we launched our updated career exploration tool, now called Career Finder. The free version of this tool is still available to all students who have taken a PSAT or SAT exam, and can be accessed via the College Board score reporting portal. We’ve made some visual changes, so it may look and feel a bit different, but you still begin with your interests, explore and save careers, hear from real leaders, and make a plan. The recommended activities feature is now only available in the Career Finder Premium version, but the free version of Career Finder still includes great features, such as course recommendations, an extensive archive of career videos, and the ability to create a personal plan.


Career Finder is available to any student with a College Board account. Students can get started at the College Board score reporting portal or at Once a student consents to link their account with Roadtrip Nation, they will answer a few quick questions about what they like and start exploring careers based on those interests.

The premium version of Career Finder can be purchased by a school, district, or state as an add-on to an administered PSAT and SAT assessment. If you’re interested in purchasing the tool for your students, visit College Board here.

The free Career Finder tool provides students and educators who have a College Board account access to the extensive Roadtrip Nation video archive. The new premium version of the tool includes everything in the free version, and also provides students a personalized experience based on their assessment results, work style preferences, and localized job market data. The premium version also generates skill-building activities and course recommendations based on students’ preferences.

If you’re interested in purchasing the tool for your students, visit College Board here.

Educators with the free version of the tool can view Roadtrip Nation videos at any time through the College Board administrator portal. For students with premium access, we recommend that educators sit with students as they log in to their accounts and build their plans. Or, encourage your students to share their plan with a caring individual who can help answer any questions they may have. The tool is optimized for mobile and desktop devices.

The free version of Career Finder is available to any student with a College Board account, for as long as they have a College Board account. Career Finder Premium users who gain access in 2019 will have access through June 2020.