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Come on in. Like the title says, we've opened the doors to our home and invited in Leaders to share their stories with a live audience. Sit back, make yourself at home, and soak up some insight into your own path.

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Episode 1: Choose Love Over Everything Else

For the first time ever, this season includes three in-studio episodes filmed at Roadtrip Nation headquarters. Using a transformed 1972 Winnebago as a stage in front of a live audience, Alumni Roadtrippers Ray, Mariana, and Hannah interview David Bader, Director of Education at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and Milena Acosta, Education Outreach Supervisor at the Aquarium of the Pacific. The audience gains insight into each guest's path, including how David followed his childhood passion to his current position, and how Milena's choice of "love over career" has led to a fulfilling destination. The guests then present a few interesting artifacts from the museum.

Leaders Interviewed:

Episode 2: You Should Already be Doing What You Love

Past Roadtrippers Mariana and Hannah join RTN staffer Jason on the Roadtrip Nation Winnebago stage to interview Veronica Belmont, gamer and host of Tekzilla, a technology news podcast. The audience hears about Veronica's love for technology and the moment of serendipity that led her from humble beginnings to internet fame. Veronica urges the audience to "think big," and fields questions from her fans about gaming, technology, and her Road. The show finishes with Veronica playing a game of Mario Kart against members of the audience.

Leaders Interviewed:

Episode 3: Make Yourself Happy

Alumni Roadtrippers Ray, Hannah and Mariana interview Mike Song, Assistant Choreographer for the film Step Up Revolution, and Paul Dateh, a Hip-Hop Violinist and YouTube sensation. Audience members learn about the struggle Paul faced in pursuing his life dream, and how he overcame the Noise of doubt directed at him from others. Paul gives the audience a performance of his work before handing the stage off to Mike Song. Addressing his own struggle with the Noise, Mike shares the roadblocks he's faced, and provides a unique perspective on staying true to his path. The two guests join series director Maya to present a combined music and dance performance.

Leaders Interviewed:

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