Roadtrip Nation: Season 9

Follow the self-discovery journeys of Elliott, Brooklyn, and Nekeed, three post-grads from diverse backgrounds looking figure out their paths in life. Starting in Portland, Maine, the Roadtrippers travel across the country in Roadtrip Nation’s Green RV to interview Leaders they admire and learn the steps that they took to get to were they are today. Leaders featured include world-renowned photographer and climber Jimmy Chin; Grammy award-winning folk singer Ella Jenkins; craft beer brewer Rosemarie Certo; sculptor Bob Cassilly; an MIT researcher who builds communicative robots; and many more.

Featured Interviews

Bob Cassilly - Founder, City Museum
Brother Stavros - Monk, New Skete Monastery
Christopher Brown - Painter
Ella Jenkins - Children's Songwriter
Jessica Matthews - Chief Executive Officer, Uncharted Play
Jimmy Chin - Photographer
John Perry Barlow - Co-founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Julia Silverman - Chief Social Officer, Uncharted Play
Laura Danly - Astronomer/Curator, Griffith Observatory
Lisa Marr - Operations Director/Youth Film Coordinator, Echo Park Film Center
Marty Odlin - Co-founder/Engineer, Bamboo Bike Studio
Nat Paynter - Director of Water Program, charity:water
Nick DePalma - Graduate Student, MIT Personal Robots Group
Paolo Davanzo - Founder/Executive Director, Echo Park Film Center
Randii Wessen - Astronautics Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Rosemarie Certo - President, Dock Street Brewing Co.
Shi Yan Ming - Shaolin Warrior, USA Shaolin Temple

Five 27-minute episodes. Bonus Features included. Closed Captioning.

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