Roadtrip Nation: Season 7

Traveling in large Green RVs, teams Tabula Rasa and Poor, Lazy, Overachievers of Roadtrip Nation's seventh season embark on their journeys across America from Southern California to the East Coast, hoping to learn more about themselves and their future paths. The teams of college students and college grads, each from different backgrounds and faced with different pressures, have a deep desire to figure out their Road in life. While Tina, Vanessa, and Calvin of team Tabula Rasa are strangers brought together by their drive for self-discovery, team Poor, Lazy, Overachievers–Aaron, Liz, and Autumn–are friends who grew up in the same small town and want to get out of what they call the velvet coffin of Stevensville, Mont. Throughout 10 episodes, the teams interview more than 24 Leaders about the passions that drove them, the fears that they faced, and the steps that they took to define their own roads in life.

Featured Interviews

Christian Jacobs - Co-creator/Director/Writer, Yo Gabba Gabba!
Gregory Carroll - CEO, American Jazz Museum
Kitty Love - Executive Director, Arts 2 People
Grant Golliher - Cowboy/Horse Trainer, Diamond Cross Ranch
Kary Mullis - Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist
Glenna Goodacre - Sculptor
Van Taylor Monroe - Sneaker Artist
Zee Avi - Singer-Songwriter
Malcolm McDowell - Actor, A Clockwork Orange
Liz Mandarano - Yoga Instructor/Owner, Yoga Effects
Jay Shafer - Founder/Designer, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
Aleks Zavaleta - Executive Director, Loco Bloco
Lori Pappas - CEO, Global Team for Local Initiatives
Heather Cameron - Stylist/Story Producer
Michelle Dreher - Letterpress Printer/Founder, Two Tone Press
Jennifer Orgolini - Sustainability Director, New Belgium Brewing Co.
Bryan Simpson - Media Relations Director, New Belgium Brewing Co.
The Knux - Hip-Hop Artists
Daniela Romero - ESL Coordinator, Nationalities Services Center
Mr. Animation - Choreographer/Street Performer
Matthew Nolan - Poet/Author, Crumpled Paper Dolls
Kyle Maynard - Athlete/Owner, No Excuses CrossFit Gym
Bill Bass - Forensic Anthropologist, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Heather Hiles - Roller Derby Girl/Dental Assistant
Barney Frank - U.S. Congressman, Massachusetts
Margaret Wagner - Roller Derby Team Captain
Nathan Vincent - Crochet Artist

Ten 27-minute episodes. Bonus Features included. Closed Captioning.

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