Roadtrip Nation: Season 5

Roadtrip Nation's fifth season spans two continents, as one team of college students from the University of Miami crosses the United States, another team of young Australians hits the road "down under.” Despite living half a world away, both teams of Roadtrippers share a common quest to connect with inspiring individuals who have discovered their own roads in life. Roadtrip Nation: Season Five documents these journeys of self-discovery in a free-spirited, adventurous series that encourages people all across the globe to move outside their comfort zones and explore the world.


Featured Interviews

Amanda Dean – Transgender Health Advocate
Tim Winton – Sustainability Consultant
Juliana, Angela, and Rowena Foong – Fashion Designers
Layne Beachley – Professional Surfer
Vicky Elwood  – Member of the Stolen Generation
Father Chris Riley – Founder, Youth Off the Streets
Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki – Radio Host
Tanya Plibersek – Minister of Parliament
Julian Burnside – Human Rights Lawyer
Scott Cupit – Founder and Co-Director, Swing Patrol
Deb Salvagno – Founder, East Timorese Women Australia
Jo Turner – Actor/Director
John Read – Ecologist and Co-founder, Arid Recovery Project
Bob Randall – Musician/Writer
Bobby Thomas Jr. – Percussionist
Debbie Stoller – Editor, Bust Magazine
Stefan Sagmeister – Graphic Designer
Thomas Kail – Artistic Director, Back House Productions
Anthony Veneziale – Associate Artistic Director, Back House Productions
Joe Haggerty – Sportswriter
Buddy LaRosa – Owner, LaRosa, Inc.
Alex Steffen – Executive Editor, Worldchanging
Edmund Stone – Radio Host
David Provost  – President, Bacchus Caves
Michael Parenti – Activist
Reed Hastings – CEO, Netflix
Bon Soeng – Zen Master

DVD. Nine 26-minute episodes.

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