Roadtrip Nation: Season 4

Roadtrip Nation’s fourth season follows the journeys of three groups of friends across North America. In a five-week coast-to-coast journey, students from San Jose State University, Emory University, and Concordia University speak with individuals from diverse backgrounds that have defined themselves by doing what lights them up. Interviews include artist Cheryl Foster, Academy Award-winning film editor Walter Murch, University of Texas track and field coach Beverly Kearney, and Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers.

Featured Interviews

Jan Robinson Flint – Social Activist
Joshua Jackson – Actor
Baron Wolman  – Photographer
Bev Kearney – Track and Field Coach
Mike Henry – Slam Poet
Bennie Klain  – Independent Filmmaker
Jim Pate  – Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity
Irvin Mayfield  – Jazz Trumpeter 
Beverly Robertson  – Executive Director, National Civil Rights Museum
Marshawn Evans – CEO Communication Counts
Fred Hampton Jr. – Activist and Chairman, Prisoners of Conscience Committee
Cheryl Foster – Artist
Andrew Lins  – Conservator
Billy King  – Former General Manager, Philadelphia 76ers
Cousin Jeff Johnson  – Social and Political Activist
Kate White  – Editor in Chief, Cosmopolitan Magazine
Wendy Williams  – TV and Radio Personality
Craig Newmark  – Founder, Craigslist.org
Rex Grignon  – Head of Character Animation, Dreamworks
Walter Murch  – Film Editor and Sound Designer
David Margulies  – Director, High Sierra Music Festival
William Morris  – Glassblower and Artist
Whit Alexander  – Cofounder, Cranium Games
Steve Schankman  – Founder, Contemporary Productions
Katrina Markoff  – Chocolatier
Christen Carter  – Buttonmaker
Dave McGillivray  – Race Director, Boston Marathon
Dean Kamen  – Founder, DEKA Research
Bert and John Jacobs  – Founders, Life. Is. Good Clothing
Warren Brown  – Baker
David Fricke  – Senior Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine
Peter Travers  – Film Critic, Rolling Stone Magazine
Ross Klein  – President, W Hotels
Marlies Yearby  – Choreographer and Dancer

DVD. 12 27-minute episodes 

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