The Open Road

The Open Road is Roadtrip Nation's original documentary. After college, Mike, Nathan, and Brian knew they weren't interested in any of the traditional paths laid out in front of them—becoming a doctor, a consultant, or going into the family business—so, they set out to see what else was out there. The idea was simple: Travel across the country and learn the stories of people who built meaningful lives around what they love, and learn how they got to where they are today. After a year of planning their route, cold-calling, finding an old RV to paint green, and filling out numerous credit card applications, the group of friends finally hit the road. The three-month Roadtrip took them over 17,000 miles around the country and they interviewed more than 80 Leaders, including Michael Dell, Sandra Day O'Connor, the designers at Burton Snowboards, and the special effects supervisor for the Star Wars films. Between the interviews and the frequent breakdowns, they stopped at college campuses to share their experience with the students of their generation. Originally aired on select public television stations across the country.

Featured Interviews

Beth McCarthy Miller - Director, Saturday Night Live
Tim Brown - CEO, IDEO
Dennis Muren - Senior Visual Effects Supervisor for ET and Star Wars
Michael Jager - Founder, JDK Design
Tom First - Cofounder, Nantucket Nectars
Ben Zander - Conductor, Boston Philharmonic
Manny - Lobsterman
Ben Younger - Writer/Diector, Boiler Room and Prime
Dr. J. Craig Venter - Geneticist, Decoded the Human Genome
Mike Lazzo - VP Programming/Production, Cartoon Network
Michael Dell - CEO, Dell Computers
Chris Flink - Product Design, IDEO
Kevin Carroll - The Katalyst, Nike
Howard Schultz - Chairman, Starbucks

DVD. One 120-minute documentary. Includes Bonus Feautures plus extras such as director's commentary.

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