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Roadtrip Nation: Season 2

With the Movement growing and the original Green RV getting a little on the rusty side, Roadtrip Nation decided to put three teams on the road in the summer of ‘04 in three newer, more mechanically sound Green RVs! These teams became the Southern Route, the Central Route, and the Northern Route, crossing the country and interviewing more than 100 leaders, with 36 featured in the series, including the founder of the Blue Man Group, surfboard-maker Al Merrick, Hugh Hefner, and Volcom founder Richard Woolcott. Originally aired on public television stations across the country.

Featured Interviews

Nic Harcourt – Host, Morning Becomes Eclectic
Richard Woolcott – Cofounder, Volcom
Al Merrick – Founder, Channel Islands Surfboards
Hugh Hefner – Founder, Playboy Enterprises
Devorah Major – Poet Laureate
Tina Nenoff – Environmental Scientist
Shawn Lani – Exhibit Builder, Exploratorium
John Richards – Radio DJ, KEXP
Gerard Baker – Superintendent, Mount Rushmore
Meredith Wilson – Rancher
Gene Bourg – Food Critic
Lisa Eckert – Superintendent, Devils Tower Monument
Terrence Payne – Artist and Founder, Rosalux Gallery
Mary Bell – VP of Logistics, Caterpillar
Bob Chandler – Creator, Big Foot Monster Truck
Jim DeRogatis – Pop Music Critic, Chicago Sun-Times
Keith Stegall – Singer-Songwriter/Producer
Dr. Rita Simo – Founder, People’s Music School
Patricia Janiot – Senior Anchor, CNN Espanol
Walter Holmes – Yoga Guru
Mark Johnson –  Street Performer aka “The Bucket Man”
Grace Lee Boggs – Activist/Writer
Mary Spio - Satellite Engineer turned Magazine Founder
Charna Halpern – Founder, iO (Improv Olympic)
John Passacantando – Executive Director, Greenpeace
My Harrison – Section Chief, FBI
Lakshmi Singh – Newscaster, NPR
Gabriel Garcia – Independent Filmmaker
Jim Koch – Founder/Brewmaster, Samuel Adams
Ann Telnaes – Pulitzer Prize Winner, Political Cartoonist
Atoosa Rubenstein – Editor in Chief, Seventeen Magazine
Maribel Lieberman – Founder, MarieBelle Fine Treats and Chocolates
Abelardo Morell – Photographer
Chris Wink – Cofounder, Blue Man Group
Joel Klein – Chancellor, NYC Public Schools 


DVD. 12 27-minute episodes. Bonus Features included. TRT: 324 minutes not including Bonus Features.

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