Roadtrip Nation: Season 10

Explorers of centuries past ditched their familiar lands to embark on whirlwind journeys in search of themselves and the unknown. The Roadtrippers of Season 10 have decided to do the same. 

Leaving behind their comfort zones and hopping aboard Roadtrip Nation's Green RV, the three 20-somethings travel the country, booking interviews with influential leaders in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to learn the steps they took to get where they are today.

Conversation after conversation generates powerful epiphanies as the Roadtrippers hear how physicists, video game designers, and food scientists all found deep purpose doing what they love. In the end, it’s clear that there are endless ways to find fulfillment in life—if only you have the bravery to follow your heart and define your own road.


Roadtrip Nation: Season 9

Follow the self-discovery journeys of Elliott, Brooklyn, and Nekeed, three post-grads from diverse backgrounds looking figure out their paths in life. Starting in Portland, Maine, the Roadtrippers travel across the country in Roadtrip Nation’s Green RV to interview Leaders they admire and learn the steps that they took to get to were they are today. Leaders featured include world-renowned photographer and climber Jimmy Chin; Grammy award-winning folk singer Ella Jenkins; craft beer brewer Rosemarie Certo; sculptor Bob Cassilly; an MIT researcher who builds communicative robots; and many more.


Roadtrip Nation: Season 8

Whether it's Antoine who has never left Southern California or Sarah whose creative soul is stifled by her cubicle job, the Roadtrippers of Season Eight share a common desire to break out of their comfort zones and define their own Roads in life. 

Along their coast-to-coast journey, the Roadtrippers book interviews with Leaders that they admire to discover the passions that drove them, the fears they faced, and the steps they took to get to where they are today. 

The two teams also face major obstacles—one of which nearly ends their Roadtrip altogether—that test their resilience and remind them about what’s truly important in life.


Roadtrip Nation: Season 7

Traveling in large Green RVs, teams Tabula Rasa and Poor, Lazy, Overachievers of Roadtrip Nation's seventh season embark on their journeys across America from Southern California to the East Coast, hoping to learn more about themselves and their future paths. The teams of college students and college grads, each from different backgrounds and faced with different pressures, have a deep desire to figure out their Road in life. While Tina, Vanessa, and Calvin of team Tabula Rasa are strangers brought together by their drive for self-discovery, team Poor, Lazy, Overachievers–Aaron, Liz, and Autumn–are friends who grew up in the same small town and want to get out of what they call the velvet coffin of Stevensville, Mont. Throughout 10 episodes, the teams interview more than 24 Leaders about the passions that drove them, the fears that they faced, and the steps that they took to define their own roads in life.


Roadtrip Nation: Season 6

Roadtrip Nation's sixth season finds two teams of young people heading halfway across the world to help discover their own roads in life. Ray, Fawna, and Allison, three Americans, journey to New Zealand, where they spend four weeks traveling in a camper van, interviewing New Zealanders from all walks of life. Meanwhile, three Australians—Camilla, Mariana, and Su-Yin—travel to the United States and meet up with inspirational Americans on a six-week Green RV journey. Interviews include: Adventurer and mountain climber Peter Hillary, hip-hop and graffiti artist DLT, bungee legend Henry Van Asch, the band Switchfoot, and filmmaker Celine Cousteau. 



Roadtrip Nation: Season 5

Roadtrip Nation's fifth season spans two continents, as one team of college students from the University of Miami crosses the United States, another team of young Australians hits the road "down under.” Despite living half a world away, both teams of Roadtrippers share a common quest to connect with inspiring individuals who have discovered their own roads in life. Roadtrip Nation: Season Five documents these journeys of self-discovery in a free-spirited, adventurous series that encourages people all across the globe to move outside their comfort zones and explore the world.



Roadtrip Nation: Season 4

Roadtrip Nation’s fourth season follows the journeys of three groups of friends across North America. In a five-week coast-to-coast journey, students from San Jose State University, Emory University, and Concordia University speak with individuals from diverse backgrounds that have defined themselves by doing what lights them up. Interviews include artist Cheryl Foster, Academy Award-winning film editor Walter Murch, University of Texas track and field coach Beverly Kearney, and Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers.


The Open Road

The Open Road is Roadtrip Nation's original documentary. After college, Mike, Nathan, and Brian knew they weren't interested in any of the traditional paths laid out in front of them—becoming a doctor, a consultant, or going into the family business—so, they set out to see what else was out there. The idea was simple: Travel across the country and learn the stories of people who built meaningful lives around what they love, and learn how they got to where they are today. After a year of planning their route, cold-calling, finding an old RV to paint green, and filling out numerous credit card applications, the group of friends finally hit the road. The three-month Roadtrip took them over 17,000 miles around the country and they interviewed more than 80 Leaders, including Michael Dell, Sandra Day O'Connor, the designers at Burton Snowboards, and the special effects supervisor for the Star Wars films. Between the interviews and the frequent breakdowns, they stopped at college campuses to share their experience with the students of their generation. Originally aired on select public television stations across the country.


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