Meet the team

We’re a ragtag team of coffee-swilling creatives driven by mutual collaboration, long-term impact, and the idea that anyone can pursue what they love. Find us mid-brainstorm with Post-its slapped to every surface or emailing each other vital information in the form of cat memes. We’re on a mission to create a world where people are true to themselves—and that’s what gets us out of our cozy beds every day.


Mike Marriner

Co-Founder, President

As the head of all strategic partnerships, Mike can often be found in between time zones acting as ambassador for Roadtrip, showcasing the organization’s impact, and hoping he packed his laptop charger.

Nathan Gebhard

Co-Founder, CXO

As creative director and resident design geek, Nate lives to build things, from pixels, to documentaries, to the diagrams he draws in meetings (and sometimes only he understands!).

Brian McAllister

Co-Founder, COO

As the head of operations, Brian’s ability to calmly steer a ship (or RV, as it were) through storm enables Roadtrip to run smoothly and employees to grow.

Mike Marriner

Co-Founder, President

Nathan Gebhard

Co-Founder, CXO

Brian McAllister

Co-Founder, COO


  • Aidan Dansey

    Marketing Video Editor

  • Alesha Dailey

    Associate Product Manager

  • Alexis Mun

    Director, Project Management

  • Allie Dupont

    Director, Marketing

  • Allyson Campion

    Copywriter II

  • Amber Lee

    Director, Human Resources

  • Ana Sanchez

    Senior Editor II

  • Andrea Rabaste

    Product Manager

  • Andrew Johnson

    Videographer & Equipment Manager

  • Ariella Tenuta

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Ashley Schwarz

    Junior Editor I

  • Ben Sienko

    Events Manager

  • Chantel Huang

    Junior Partnerships Program Manager

  • Chelsea Walsh


  • Chris Leake

    VP, Technology

  • Craig Polesovsky


  • Dan Ford

    Director, Video Distribution

  • Devan Homis


  • Elizabeth French

    Visual Designer I

  • Evelyn Thomas

    Senior Software Engineer

  • George Clements


  • Hannah Frankel

    Social Media Specialist

  • Hope Schulze

    Production Coordinator

  • Jamie Wittezehler


  • Jared Hoeniges

    Visual Designer II

  • Jasmine Spearing-Bowen


  • Jennifer Chau

    Quality Assurance Analyst

  • Jenny Pham

    Events Specialist

  • Joey Vongpanya

    Product Video Director

  • John Chiaromonte

    RV & Fleet Manager

  • Jordan Myers

    Director, Product Development

  • Joshua Woodard

    Senior Editor II

  • Kayley Morales

    Executive Assistant

  • Kelsey Cox

    VP, Program Management

  • Kelsey Puryear


  • Kiera Jones

    Director, Partnership Programs

  • Kyle Drum

    Junior Editor I

  • Lindsay Mysior

    Senior Editor II

  • Lindsey Amick

    Marketing Specialist

  • Lori Benitez


  • Luke Furedy

    Post Production Supervisor

  • Mara Zehler

    Creative Director, Editorial

  • Marissa Moore

    Education Support Manager, IA

  • Mark Batstone

    Associate Creative Director, Production

  • Mark Fewell

    Head of Marketing and Creative Services

  • Megan Dester

    Director, Program Management

  • Michele Kennedy

    Head of Production

  • Molly Gazin

    Education Support Manager, Curriculum

  • Nathan Staph

    Senior Editor II

  • Nicole Woodworth

    Senior Partnerships Program Manager

  • Rachel Perry

    HR Coordinator

  • Rishi Linley

    Junior Editor II

  • Ryan Lee

    Manager, Product Design

  • Ryan Perkins


  • Scotty Conway

    Senior Software Engineer-Architect

  • Shannon Brutsche

    Content Manager

  • Shay Limon

    Associate Producer

  • Stacey Lopez

    Project Manager, Software

  • Teri Bennett

    Project Manager

  • Tim Hogan

    VP, Strategic Partnerships

  • Tim Gabhart

    Systems Administrator

  • Torrey Kim

    Managing Editor

  • Veronica Quincy

    Senior Partnerships Program Manager

  • Willie Wittezehler

    Creative Director