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In the summer of 2008 Roadtrip Nation teamed up with FuelTV to put together the first Action Sports themed roadtrip. Ashley, James, and Jesse are recent college grads who are not sure what they want to do with their lives. Instead of following safe paths toward money and security, they are getting together and hitting the road in a green RV to interview people in the Action Sports industry. From professional surfers, skaters, and snowboarders to artists and entrepreneurs, the people they meet share their stories and struggles and inspire them to stay true to their passions.

Episode 1:  Los Angeles - Redondo Beach

After spending months setting up interviews and planning their trip across the country, Ashley, James, and Jesse finally meet in Los Angeles, California to begin their roadtrip. After painting the RV green, they arrive in Redondo Beach for their first interview with professional surfer Holly Beck. The team listens to how Holly got into surfing and overcame some of the challenges and social pressures of succeeding in a highly competitive sport.

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Episode 2:  Redondo Beach

The team gets a call back from professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen and drive up to meet him for a late night interview. Rodney talks about how he started skating while growing up in a small town and shares some personal wisdom with the team. For James, who believes his path is to become a professional skater, Rodney's answers are unexpected and help to change James' perspective on the future.

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Episode 3:  La Jolla

The next stop for the team is La Jolla, California where they interview Santiago Aguerre, co-founder of the surf company Reef. Santiago shares his story about growing up in Argentina and dreaming about pursuing surfing. With encouragement from his mom, Santiago moves to California to follow his dream and balances his love for surfing with the realities of earning a living, ultimately staying true to his passion.

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Episode 4:  Jackson Hole

Leaving southern California, the team hits the road across the country, stopping in Wyoming to talk with Mike Parillo, artist and snowboarder. A high school dropout, Mike talks about the determination and sacrifices needed to follow what felt right in his life. After a snowboarding accident, Mike became deeply involved in painting and finds a new vision for his life''s work.

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Episode 5:  Jackson Hole - Seattle

After visiting a local skatepark, Ashley, James, and Jesse meet up with Willie McMillon, founder of Bluebird Wax, who talks about starting his company and believing in what he was doing. With two weeks left on the roadtrip, the team heads to Seattle, Washington to interview Mike Olson and Pete Saari of Mervin Manufacturing. Mike and Pete stress the importance of hard work and attitude in achieving their goals.

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Episode 6:  Portland

As the roadtrip comes to an end, the team goes to the Dew Tour in Portland, Oregon where they talk with Wade Martin, president of the Dew Tour, and professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. Wade and Paul help reaffirm the ideas the team have been developing over the trip, leaving them with new perspectives and less anxiety about the future.

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