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What happens when three journalism students throw everything they know out the window to experience something they could never learn in a classroom? The three of us, Alex, Leila and Michael often pass each other in the halls of Concordia University and asked the question: What are you going to do with your life? With only guesses coming to mind we decided to hit the road.

Episode 1:  Montreal - Los Angeles

Meet the Montreal team-Alex, Leila, and Michael-three journalism students from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Alex came to Montreal from Nova Scotia at age 12 to pursue a path in ballet, but decided to take time off to complete her degree. Leila likes journalism, but is unsure of her path after college. Michael is also uncertain of his Road, as he's also interested in documentaries and film.

Episode 2:  Los Angeles - San Francisco

The team begins in San Francisco, Calif., on the Fourth of July, where they decorate the Green RV for a float parade. After showing a little American spirit, the three friends head to the office of Lonely Planet, a travel company, to speak with its president, Todd Sotkiewicz. Todd tells the team this story of starting out in accounting, but eventually leaving to travel around the world. This showed Todd what was really in his heart. He leaves the Roadtrippers with a bit of advice: "You can't have everything planned.

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Episode 3:  San Francisco - Boulder

Alex, Leila, and Michael are in San Francisco where they speak with Dr. Charles Garfield, founder of the Shanti Project, a national movement dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with life-threatening illnesses. The team hears his story of passion to help other people. Next, the Roadtrippers travel down to Boulder, Colo., where they meet with the duo of the playful band The Ditty Bops.

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Episode 4:  Austin - New Orleans

In Austin, Texas, the Roadtrippers meet Kinky Friedman, a country singer-turned-politician. Kinky tells the team about his unabashed approach to life and his career, advising them to just "learn from life itself." Afterward, the team travels down to New Orleans, La., where they originally planned to check out the colorful city, but instead encountered an impromptu interview with Charlie Sims, owner of Donna's Bar and Grill, a longtime jazz club.

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Episode 5:  Memphis

The team begins their third week of the Roadtrip in Memphis, Tenn., where they speak with Hustle and Flow film director Craig Brewer to find out how he got to where he is today. The interview is especially opportune for Michael who feels that he might not have what it takes to pursue his dream of working in film. Craig tells the crew about his failures and successes, lending some advice to Michael that he "better get busy with failing in order to succeed.

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Episode 6:  Nashville

While in Nashville, Tenn., Alex, Leila, and Michael head to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center to meet with David Schwarz, the architect who designed the grand building. His story of taking risks helped him to realize his dream of opening his own architecture firm. Next, the team speaks with Henry Juszkiewicz, the CEO of Gibson Guitars. Henry tells the Roadtrippers his story of challenging himself to get to where he is now.

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Episode 7:  Chicago - Austin - Chicago

The Roadtrippers are in Chicago, Ill., where they have to park the Green RV at the airport and hop on a flight back to Austin, Texas, to interview Oscar-nominated film director Richard Linklater, who wasn't able to meet them a few weeks ago. Upon arriving in Austin, the team hears Richard's story of not conforming to what others expected of him, and followed his own path. The team leaves feeling inspired on their flight back to Chicago.

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Episode 8:  Toronto

The team lands in their home country of Canada to interview Jeff Adams, a Paralympian and six-time World Champion of Wheel Chair Racing. The Roadtrippers are energized by Jeff's approach to life-one that does not see disability as limitation and always learning from mistakes. After the interview, Alex takes away insight she can apply to her own life.

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Episode 9:  Boston

At Harvard University's Medical School, the Roadtrippers meet with Dr. Jim Kim, co-founder of Partners In Health and passionate social activist. Jim tells the team about his diverse path of learning many different areas to finally get to where he is today, doing what he loves. He gives Alex, Leila, and Michael a lasting piece of advice before he leaves: "Put your heart and soul into finding your passion.

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