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July 22, 2009
Day 11: Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, OREGON!!!
It was a beautiful drive the ENTIRE way.

It was also the longest day of driving for the entire trip (18 hours).

Discovered “Little America” in Wyoming. Which is not little, nor is it very american-ized, at least not as much as we were hoping for. However the lunch we had did taste like liberty.

A couple of us slept through the entire state of Utah (all 2 hours of it).

Idaho caused some problems for George Michael Can... (more)
July 22, 2009
Day 10: We HATE NEBRASKA (Illinois,Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming)
Had a WONDERFUL breakfast from Mrs. Luginbill! (Thanks again!)

Didn’t take very long to realize that we all hate Nebraska. Here is why:

-Super awful storms that cause us to take refuge in a convenience store with no power

-George Michael Can Fly (our car) decided to stop having air conditioning… it was 95 degress plus humidity. (Eventually he decided to work again. After we got out of Nebraska, we decided he just hated it... (more)
July 22, 2009
Day 9: Ohio Is Wierd , Driving Home ( Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
started the drive back home.

it took forever.

Neethu has a funny story she will share later.

drove through an awful storm… loved that… or not.

I have recently decided I love the idea of service plazas… which I kinda hate cause they are SO american.

Reading aloud Donals Miller’s “Through Painted Deserts” which is so freaking appropriate for this leg of our trip.

keeping up with our HSM tradition. :)

... (more)
July 22, 2009
Day 8 - The Big Apple
after spending the night in Philadelphia, we took a greyhound up to NYC. which is too overwhelming to explain in words. photo explinations of the city to come. (more)
July 22, 2009
LOBBY DAYS (day 3 in DC)
Met bright and early in Upper Senate park dressed to impress the people we would be meeting with that day.

Broke up into state groups. woot! Oregon!

** on a side note walked to union station for coffee, a cool building as are most in dc**

Met with Senator Ron Wyden’s office

Met with Senator Jeff Merkley’s office

Met with Rep. David Wu’s office

honestly it was so overwhelming and amazing I cannot recall the... (more)
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