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06/17/2009 to 08/08/2009
Davis, CA
Davis, CA
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June 16, 2009
One foot in front of the other....
Today is my last day in Davis. I mean "shove all those clothes in a plastic bag, take out the trash, lock the windows" last day in Davis. Moving on up and out.
Today is also our first interview. I'm gearing up to head downtown to the State Farm office to meet Doug, one of our mentor/ liason type people. So I'm sitting in my living room brainstorming about the best questions to ask, which camera angle will look the most professional,... (more)
June 11, 2009
Coming down to the wire
We are heading out on our roadtrip in exactly one week and we couldnt be more excited! Unfortunately, we still have not found a van or large vehicle to use for our trip, so we might be forced to use one of our own cars, which would be fine. Somehow news of our road trip has spread like wildfire and loads of people have been asking about the trip and if they could meet us up somewhere along the way! We have so much support from our... (more)
June 09, 2009
Counting Down
Classes are over. It is Finals week for my peers...As a graduating Design Major, I am utterly done. Cap and Gown ceremony next weekend. All sorts of family coming to visit.
So I have these last few days in D-town (we hit the road next week) to tie up loose ends and pack up my little corner of college experience on Raddcliffe.
Soooooooo, Denell and I have this amazing trip planned, which requires... (more)
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