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The Open Road of Hosty Duo

out the Hosty Duo....... Billy Block's Western Beat Monthly

"Out of Norman, Oklahoma, witty guitar guru Hosty and his side kick, two piece drummer, Michael ...more

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159 days ago
RT @BillyShaddox: Roadtrip Nation on PBS will be using two of my songs this season!!!
161 days ago
RT @daytrotter: Tracking @TheColourist now! Win a FREE membership & 1TB @Seagate hard drive - http://t.co/9bW8OnjbQf #seagatecreative http:…
162 days ago
Love seeing the list of @RoadtripNation musicians that are playing @sxsw . Can't wait to get to Austin!
180 days ago
RT @RoadtripNation: "I took the safe path. I regret it." - Cheryl Foster http://t.co/fv12W6pY6B
180 days ago
RT @RoadtripNation: We're looking for a director of #education #sales who is mission minded and awesome. http://t.co/aRvgAjWK5q http://t.co
182 days ago
RT @xsatanicx: 미국의 다큐멘터리 티비 시리즈인 Roadtrip Nation 에 저희 럽엑스 스테레오의 "Soul City" 가 쓰인 시즌10의 OST 컴필레이션 앨범을 직접 보내주었습니다. http://t.co/1tA3vJQaZk
182 days ago
RT @RoadtripNation: Have you submitted your application to hit the road with us on our Design Roadtrip? Time is running out! http://t.co/pX
191 days ago
RT @RoadtripNation: We're looking for Roadtrippers! Apply here: http://t.co/aIeQhTpnNz #roadtrip #DefineYourRoad
196 days ago
RT @RoadtripNation: Roadtrip Nation is partnering with @Autodesk for a design-themed Roadtrip! Apply here: http://t.co/0i9P7s0zrx
203 days ago
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