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“It's really about finding a passion and working for something... You want to find an avocation, not a vocation.”




Chance Hard Work Passion Transitions Individualism


Africa, board games, coffee house culture, computer, computer mapping, different interests, entrepreneurship, fitting in, fun, impact, making a difference, mapping, microsoft, odd jobs, Starbucks, study abroad, teaching, trying different things, United Nations, urban planning


Whit has learned to stick with his passions, even during moments of doubt. At the same time, he remains flexible and open to change. Never one to fit into a neat cubbyhole, he has tried many different things, including door-to-door sales and urban planning, as well as a stint in Africa while a student at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. His interest in computer mapping led him to a position at Microsoft as a digital cartographer, an avocation to which he devoted himself until his colleague Richard Tait persuaded him to get involved with a board game he had invented. Meant to have a big impact, the game was designed to give everyone a chance to shine, a concept that appealed to Whit. Although he knew nothing about the board game business, he decided to give it a chance, encouraged both by Richard's enthusiasm and by an offer from Starbucks. Before long Cranium caught on, to the delight of its co-founders and fans.

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