Warren's Open Road



“Try different things and learn.”


Entrepreneurship Food


Choices Confidence Experience Exploration Hard Work Instincts Passion Planning Transitions Self-Reflection Desire


baking, break up, burn out, buzz, credentials, energy, epiphany, lawyer, learning, listen to your heart, preparation, research, trying new things, uncertainty, voice inside your head


Warren dared to leave his law practice to embark on an entirely new career: he decided to become a baker. The way he tells the story, his bold decision makes perfect sense. Dissatisfied with the work he was doing—which he chose initially because he wanted to effect change—he had fallen into a depression. To lift this spirits, he started baking. He took one of his cakes with him on a flight to New York City, and to his delight it attracted people's attention while he was en route. In clear sight because he had no box or Tupperware to put it in, the cake was like a magnet. Warren knew he was onto something. Thereafter, everything soon fell into place. He listened to the voices inside his head that offered guidance, and only then did he discover what he wanted to do next with his life. He advises others to pay attention to their own inner voices.

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