Walter's Open Road


Yoga Instructor

“Don't limit yourself. Don't allow anybody, and don't allow your mind, to limit you.”




Exploration Opportunity Fear Instincts


British army, change, eastern philosophy, ego, fashion design, India, intuition, learning, mindset, possibilities, travel


While sleeping on a concrete floor in an ashram outside Bangalore, India, the famous couture designer Walter Holmes realized that he didn't really know who he was. Distanced from his mansion and the luxuries of home, including the king-size bed where he usually slept, covered in fur, he wondered what this experience was all about and why it didn't bother him as much as he thought it would. Traveling with his Hatha yoga teacher, with whom he had been studying only three months, Walter left the ashram a changed man: He began a quest to have a fulfilling relationship with himself. Along the way he would become a yoga teacher himself and leave behind the world of fashion he had known.

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