Veronica's Open Road

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Sword & Laser

“If you're really passionate about a topic and you wanna work in that field, you should already be doing it.”




Confidence Passion Desire


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You’d think that someone who talks to millions of people every day on camera would've come out of the womb ready for a microphone. But that certainly wasn't the case for tech host Veronica Belmont. Today, she’s a gregarious gaming guru who shares her thoughts on numerous platforms--but as it turns out, Veronica actually suffered from crippling anxiety during her teen and college years that made it difficult to even leave her room. Back in those days, just the idea of talking to people in everyday conversation made her kind of want to throw up. But she’s been able to overcome her anxieties, kick self-doubt to the curb, and look the country in the face every day for a living. So, how’d Veronica go from the girl-under-the-covers to the wisecracking-woman-on-your-screen? The confidence shift happened after college when she stopped trying to be someone else, and finally embraced who she is: a tech-loving nerd! These days, she’s poised and plucky—but that doesn’t stop her from struggling with nervousness from time to time. On those occasions, Veronica silences the voice in her head that says “You can’t do it,” and ploughs through the fear. Her strong-willed resilience has served her well: after all, she gets to talk about video games all day, and gets paid to do so! Best job ever? She thinks so (And hey, we can’t argue with her.)

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